LeeVan D. Roundtree, Chief Fashion Strategist


“Style is for the individual, Fashion is for the masses"  

Hey Y'all,

Every since I can remember, I felt I was meant to be a fashion designer. College changed that one way thinking quickly. While obtaining my B.A in Fashion, I discovered that I could go deeper, ALOT deeper into this thing we call FASHION. 

Fashion isn’t just the clothes we decide to throw on our body it’s more to do with the manner in which we do so.....

 Think about that, now think about what you have on today. What is it saying about you, what are you projecting or protecting? Makes you think right? That’s the essence of the art of style and culture coming together to create fashion. Culture creates style which makes you think then fashion proves a point! #Fashionpointofyou

In addition to my passion as a designer, I’ve embarked on this journey into ”fashion psychology“ the why, how and who we wear.. This is what has driven me to create this space, where I create “visual opportunities“ based off client mental and physical profiles. In other words I get to know my clients and dress them inside out!

 I invite and Welcome you to,  LeVan Haus: where we are dedicated to the total you! Head to toe, inside and out! 

Curious about what you’ve just read? Lets Chat about it and see how I can help you become that greater version of self by acknowledging and determining the Fashion point of you!

Talk soon and Dress Well, 

LeeVan D. 

Haus Services


My goal is to help you discover the Fashion Point of You! Presenting yourself well can make your whole day better; that's why I’m committed to being your source for Fashion  specifically, Style! 

What can I do for you? Here's what I can do:





Closet/wardrobe Management 


Creative Direction 

Film/Stage wardrobe direction 



(Client Only)


Personal Branding 

"Get the look"

Define your style (Client Only)

Brand Management 

Brand start up 

Speaking/Hosting Engagements

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